Raleigh Piano Teachers Association

An Affiliate of the North Carolina Music Teachers Association

RPTA Student Performance Events
RPTA is committed to nurturing excellence in music performance by our students.  Below is a list of performance opportunities available thoughout the school year to students of RPTA members.  All dates for the events listed below, including entry deadlines, are posted on the Calendar page.  For more information about each event, see the links for each event description.   

Young Artist Auditions

What  Students perform memorized solo piano works of one American composer (chosen from a required repertoire list) and one non-American composer (of their choice) for a number grade and/or rating (superior, excellent, very good, fair).  Some advanced level divisions require only one solo work, either American or non-American.  Each student recieves a certificate of participation; some winners are invited to perform in a Sunday afternoon winners recital; prizes for winners in specific divisions may include ribbons, trophies, or money. 
Who  Any student high school senior or younger.   
Level  All levels, Beginner to Advanced.
When  Typically held the first weekend of March.
Entry Fee  $15 or $18 per student, depending on the specific division.

By far, the Young Artist Auditons are RPTA's most popular student event of the year.  Please visit the Young Artist Audition pages on this site for detailed information about guidelines/repertoire and entry forms

NCMTA Piano Contest-Festival

What  Students perform three memorized solo piano works for a judge for a rating (superior, excellent, very good, fair).  Repetoire is chosen from a required list and each piece must be from a different style period; one piece each from the 18th Century, 19th Century, and 20th/21st Centuries.  Each student receives a cirtificate of participation.  Students who receive a "superior" rating in the District Contest-Festival are invited back to perform their same repetoire again at the State Contest-Festival. 
Who  Any student high school senior or younger. 
Level  Intermediate to Advanced.
When  District Contest-Festival typically held the last weekend of February; State Contest-Festival typically held a weekend sometime late March - early May. 
Entry Fee  $15 per student.

NCMTA stands for the North Carolina Music Teachers Association.  Members of RPTA are also members of MTNA (the Music Teachers National Association, of which NCMTA is a part) and may therefore enter students in MTNA events, such as this one.  For downloadable repertoire lists and application foms, visit the NCMTA website.


Scholarship Auditions

What  Students prepare a program to demonstrate proficiency in repertoire (three memorized solo piano works from contrasting style periods), keyboard skills (scales, cadence chords, arpeggi), sight-reading, and form/history/style knowledge (dertermined in an oral interview given by the judge).  Audition time slots are 30 minutes for Level I, and 40 minutes for Level II.  Winners receive a monetary award and perform in a Sunday afternoon winners recital. 
Who  Any student age 11-18 (Level I ages 11-14, Level II ages 15-18).
Level  Late Intermediate to Advanced.
When  Typically held a weekend in February.
Entry Fee  $30 per student.

Sunday Musicales

What  Recitals featuring students of RPTA members.  Each RPTA teacher may enter one or two students for each musicale, but may not use the same student more than once a year.  Solo repertoire must be memorized, but scores are allowed for ensemble performances.  Repertoire must not exceede time limits based on the student's level.
Who  Any student high school senior or younger.
Level  All levels, Beginner to Advanced.
When  Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m.  Two musicales are held the year of Ensemble Festival, and three musicales are held the years of no Ensemble Festival.  Musicale dates and entry deadlines are posted on the Calendar page.   
Entry Fee  None.

Ensemble Festival

Students perform ensemble works for piano duet, duo, or trio.  Teachers select the ensemble music for their own studios and may collaborate with other teachers to fill as many of the parts as possible.  Score use is permitted, and although there is no required repertoire list, a recommended repertoire list is available.  Time limits apply to all ensemble groups. 
Who  Any student high school senior age or younger who has had at least two years of piano instruction. 
Level  Late Elementary to Advanced.
When  Ensemble Festival is held every other year, typically in January or February.  A mandatory Saturday dress rehearsal is followed by a Sunday afternoon performance. 
Entry Fee  $10 per student.