Raleigh Piano Teachers Association

An Affiliate of the North Carolina Music Teachers Association

If submitting the online form below, teachers must complete payment by either the PayPal link or mailing a check, and they must also submit a copy of the student's birth certificate. Teachers will receive an email with their students' audition schedules. This schedule will be final and no special time requests can be considered. Be sure to read the Scholarship Guidelines for complete entry requirements and information.

Entry fees are $50 per Level I entry and $60 per Level II entry.

Payment Instructions: Click the "Pay Now" link below, then enter your total payment amount in decimal form in the "Price per item" field. For example, $120 would correctly be entered as "120.00" with no dollar sign ($). Leave the quantity feild as 1, then click "Continue" and you will be able to complete payment with a credit card, debit card, or your PayPal account.