Raleigh Piano Teachers Association

An Affiliate of the North Carolina Music Teachers Association

Why YAA?

The purpose of the Young Artist Auditions is to promote the performance of American piano music as well as choice piano pieces by non-American composers, and to award competition winners. The intent is to encourage all piano students below the college level to perform, enjoy, and create music, and to make music an important part of their lives as they continue studying piano.

How the Divisions Work
YAA offers many different entry options for students and their teachers based upon the student's level in piano and the type of audition desired. Please carefully read the Guidelines for all audition information.

Please carefully read all YAA GUIDELINES before making any choices or filling out any forms.

*We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, keeping the health and saftey of our members, their students, and the students' families as our highest priority. These Guidelines may be adjusted as changing health and saftey protocols warrent. Every effort will be made to give our membership advance notice of any changes.*