Raleigh Piano Teachers Association

An Affiliate of the North Carolina Music Teachers Association

Young Artist Auditions 2022 Packet Forms

YAA this year is organized into a Friday live event, a Saturday live event, an online recording event, and a composition event. You only need to fill out the forms for the categories you are entering students.

Please enter all siblings one after the other so we can make sure the schedule will work for families that have siblings in different categories. You may indicate siblings on the form for Friday and Saturday live events.

You will receive an email for each student you entered so you can verify the information. If you see anything that needs to be corrected please email us at rptayaa@gmail.com so we can reset that student’s information.

LASTLY, after completing ALL student forms, fill out the YAA Teacher Studio & Payment form with your personal information, volunteer availability, and the number of students you have in each category. *You MUST enter a zero “0” for the categories that you are NOT entering students in order to submit it.* The total amount will be calculated and the form will send you to PayPal to complete your registration. A PayPal account is not necessary to finish your transaction. 

YAA Friday Night Live Registration - for all Honors Young Artist I & II, all Royalty, and all Concerto

YAA Saturday Live Registration - for all Standard live adjudication, all Honors Intermediate I & II, and all Honors Senior I & II

YAA Online Standard Registration - for all Standard recorded adjudication

YAA Composition Registration - for all Composition

YAA Teacher Studio & Payment - complete this form only after completing ALL student entries